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Let me help you create  yours

Transformation requires You + PI, PII, PIII
Which pillar are YOU missing?


Pillar I 


Your head has to be in the game


I can help!


No textbook babble here!

My waist once measured 60 inches, at my heaviest my pant size was 28-30 

I am speaking from experience. I have lost 212 lbs (non - surgical, unassisted). Once my head was in the game the diet and exercise was easy.


No, I'm kidding! Once my head was in the game I understood the assignment. There are no short cuts.


I am 50 years young it only took me 25+ years to reach maintenance.  

I did not have access so I had to educate myself. I learned a lot on my journey. 

If you are ready, don't go it alone.


Let me help you.

Pillar II


 There are no short cuts but you don't have to settle

I can help!

There are instances when you need more than diet & exercise can offer.

Did you know you CAN do something about creepy, lax skin, cellulite, stretch marks, premature signs of aging, resistant stubborn pockets of fat on your body and face? 

Oh yes honey!! The best part, no surgery, no needles, no pain meds, no down time and you can be discrete.


Baby! Body Sculpting is real, it ain't new, and it can help you. 

Look at these transformations 

Pillar III


Effective at home Maintenance Protocol 

I can help!

 Weight loss or body enhancemts ransformation can be challenging. Its seems maintaining results is  where many  fall short.  

Studies show if you do not have a maintenance plan it's highly likely your results will slowly fade. If you want to keep your results you need a solid at home routine that you follow consistently.

I have maintained my biggest loser status (even in the midst of menopause) by creating systems and use of aftercare tools, processes and products for effective self-care at home maintenance.


Let me help you.

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to About

BIGGEST LOSER!  + Certified Health & Wellness Mindset Coach

I will create a customized sustainable plan for you! 



Struggled for a really long time to meet my fitness goals. So I scheduled a coaching call with Transitions Beauty Bar after reading about her journey, and all I can say is I'm 20lbs down and happier than ever!

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I needed a win.Thank you ... I actually like looking at myself...that hasn't happened in a long time. 



I'm finally my goal weight, and it's all thanks to Transitions Beauty Bar. Applying her techniques along with the non surgical procedures have really changed my life

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