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"Liver Health: Key to Your Weight Loss & Wellness Goals"

Updated: May 13

(Knowing is half the battle. Are you busy or simply don't like to read? It's ok you aren't alone.! Click this link to hear the audio version narrated by Mrs. J! Don't miss out thank me later).

Are you trying to lose weight? Or trying to move the needle on your health goals but not see the results you want? If so, there are several things I would suggest that you consider. At the top of my list is liver health.

The liver is an organ that performs many important functions. It has a major role in many bodily functions. It is a key filtration organ in the body, playing a vital role in keeping us healthy by removing harmful substances from the blood. Because of its role an unhealthy or impaired liver will have a domino effect on your health.

The liver is a crucial organ that performs many important functions. Here are a few ways that an unhealthy liver can impact the body:

  • Impaired metabolism: The liver plays a key role in metabolizing nutrients, including fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. If the liver is not functioning properly, it can result in problems with metabolism, such as high blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and abnormal lipid profiles. Being able to properly metabolize nutrients is super important if you are looking to lose weight.

  • Toxin buildup: The liver is responsible for filtering toxins and waste products from the blood. If the liver is not functioning properly, these toxins can build up in the body, leading to a range of health problems.

  • Digestive issues: The liver produces bile, which is necessary for the digestion and absorption of fats. If the liver is not producing enough bile, it can result in digestive issues like bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

  • Hormone imbalances: The liver is involved in the metabolism of many hormones, including testosterone & estrogen. If the liver is not functioning properly, it can result in hormonal imbalances that can impact energy, mood, and overall health. Let's not forget insulin is a hormone.

  • Nutrient deficiencies: The liver is involved in the storage and release of many minerals and vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iron. If the liver is dysfunctional, it may not be able to release and store these nutrients properly, leading to deficiencies that can impact overall health. Note: victim A affects skin health and vitamin D supports emotional health (to name a few benefits of both).

Liver damage: Over time, an unhealthy liver can lead to more severe liver damage, including fibrosis, cirrhosis, or a condition called fatty liver disease, where excess fat accumulates in the liver. Fatty liver disease is a condition that happens where excess fat accumulates in the liver (because of the underproduction of bile).

This can happen due to a variety of factors, including alcohol use, obesity, metabolic disorder, and the worst level of dysfunction liver cancer, or failure. These conditions can be life-threatening and if allowed to continue will require medical intervention.

Summed up, your liver is one of your most vital filtration organs. An unhealthy liver can have many negative effects on the body, impacting everything from hormone balance, metabolism and digestion, and overall health. As you can see it IS impossible to be in a good state of health if your liver is dysfunctional.

Enough of that let's talk about the good news! You can improve the health of your liver. That's right there are things you can do. Starting with nourishing and supporting it. That is why your food consumption choices matter. There are several nutrients and minerals that support liver health. One important nutrient is "Choline".

Choline is super important for liver function and fat metabolism, and eggs are one of the best food sources for it. Choline is an essential nutrient that the body needs to synthesize a key component of cell membranes. While our bodies make choline; natural production is not enough for sufficient liver function.

Choline also plays a critical role in the metabolism of fats. It helps transport fats out of the liver and into the bloodstream, where they can be used by other parts of the body for energy (this only happens when your liver is functioning properly). Putting it in different terms the liver plays a major role in weight/fat loss. A dysfunctional liver will be a key contributor to slow and no weight loss results.

But that is not all. If your liver is congested or malfunctioning it will have a domino effect and impact other organs. In turn, affecting important hormone functions. This is where Choline comes in! Studies have shown that eating eggs or other choline-rich foods such as liver, cruciferous vegetables, and seafood (just to name a few), can help prevent and treat fatty liver disease.

Mrs. J's favorite digestive/liver support meal. Soup recipe link

It is important to understand that creating homeostasis in the body is the root of good health and the liver plays a indispensable role. You cannot reach optimal health without a healthy liver on your team.

So, eating eggs and other foods high in choline is a great way to support your liver function and promote healthy fat metabolism. Eggs are one of my favorite ways to supply my body with choline because of their versatility. Let's not forget that they are packed with other important nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals, so they're a great addition to a balanced diet.

Studies have shown that a choline-deficient diet can lead to the accumulation of fat in the liver while supplementing with choline can help reverse this condition.

A word of advice, if your goal is to lose weight or simply to have good health be sure to nourish your liver and treat it with respect. Remember respect deserves respect. If you support and respect your body it will return the favor. Health is wealth.

Book an Accountability - Weight Management Consultation call. I lost 212 lbs the most difficult times for my journey were before IG, FB, YouTube, and all the other social platforms were popular. There was no group of followers cheering me on. Nope! During the most challenging part of my journey, I was young with low financial abundance. I had my determination to lose weight and my library card. Most of the health books did not come with abbreviated clip notes.

If you are on a weight loss journey I'm sure you know there are no sustainable shortcuts. I understand the struggle. My experience and self-education over the last 3 decades are where I have gained my expertise. Successful weight loss involves more than diet and exercise. Sustainability comes in when you understand how your body works and what it needs. Tap into my expertise it can make the difference between struggling and winning.

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