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When I started my transformation, I weighed 362 lbs.


I tried diet plan after diet plan and was unable to find one I was able to stick to for the long haul. So I was always on the search for the latest and greatest promising diet pill, tea, water pill, cleanse, or appetite suppressant. I so badly wanted to be one of those people I witnessed getting results with these types of weight loss aids.


Despite what some may have believed I wasn’t lazy and I was not binging or eating processed unhealthy food. No!! I was diligent in my efforts to portion control and eat healthy (now I know I was not eating enough food) because I believed I could have success like others, I just needed to keep going eventually I would find the right supplement or diet aid. But that’s not how it worked out for me. It only took me 20+ years to figure it out.


The problem was was my headpiece. I needed to change my thoughts which would create the path for my body to follow. Like my favorite podcaster, Mel Robbins says “No one is coming to save you”. That means you’ve got to save yourself!!!! While I worked to save myself I learned so much and put a lot of my learnings to the test. I had no choice but to educate myself. During my struggle, the majority of the "helpful resources" I had access to were coming to me from a textbook perspective i.e. didn’t understand the struggle from a personal point of view. There is the textbook perspective, and then there is the reality of it which I lived from an emotional and psychological point of view. These perspectives are very different. Many of the resources I had access to knew only what was taught. So, often I received advice like “eat less", or "go for a walk”. Hell!!! If it was that simple I wouldn’t have been seeking help. The lack of access to connect with someone who knew my challenges and whom I felt comfortable sharing the bad, the ugly, and totally jacked up compelled me to become a certified Health & Wellness Weight Management coach


When it comes to weight loss and creating a healthy lifestyle I have put everything in this book to the test. While the path to reach your health goals is not an easy one, it does not have to be painful or feel impossible to achieve.

This ebook is a guide to help you understand and trust the process to confidently navigate the obstacles and challenges to achieve your goals!


I promise you, if I can do this, you can too. I believe in you!