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HANGRY- LESS is a dietary supplement that supports weight management in a unique way with one powerhouse multi-patented ingredient called DygloFit®.


It stands out because it does what most do not. It helps support satiety mainly as a result of its influence over leptin functionality. Leptin is a master hormone produced by fat cells that regulate satiety, appetite control, and thermogenesis, and is associated with metabolic rate.


The star ingredient DygloFit® contains polyphenol bioactives that may help enhance insulin sensitivity allowing more blood sugar to be used for energy and less converted to fat. Its bioactive provides superior free-radical fighting protection to support cardiovascular health.


These polyphenols possess mechanisms that include:
1) Enhanced insulin sensitivity support*
2) Advanced free-radical fighting protection*
3) C-Reactive protein support*

Research indicates that these polyphenols possess properties that help provide resistance to challenges associated with metabolic dysfunction.


HANGRY-LESS elevates the standard in terms of “weight wellness” nutraceuticals due to its multiple mechanisms of action, polyphenol bioactive constituents, and convenient delivery system.


HANGRY-LESS ( Stimulant Free)

  • HANGRY-LESS is not designed as an appetite suppressant however as your body starts to recognize signals of satiety you may experience decreased appetite and reduced cravings. 

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