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Fresh start is a superior cleanse that combines various minerals, herbs, antioxidants, glutathione precursors, amino acids, DMG, and three patented ingredients that are clinically known to support bioavailability and liver health.


It is recommended for:

• people on a weight-loss program and those searching for a nourishing cleanse that supports and resets bodily function.

• people exposed to chemical solvents (painters, dry cleaners, construction workers, printers, office workers, auto mechanics, manicurists, and beauticians)

• people who experience continuing fatigue*

• people undergoing sauna therapy and people with chemical sensitivities*



Fresh Start will not cause an uncontrollable sense of urgency like laxatives and more aggressive cleanses can. Rather it supports normal detoxification in the following ways:

• providing advanced, balanced support for multiple phases of detoxification*

• supporting kidney, liver, and colon health and function*

• supporting the detoxification of solvents, metabolic wastes, micro-organisms, environmental toxins, and drugs*



FRESH START ( Resets Bodily Functions)

  • Take three capsules daily vs. six. You absolutely can take six capsules daily however that is a shorter more assertive cleanse. 

    Three provides a more gentle detox. 

    Please drink lots of water (3-4 liters daily). Additionally, you may consider taking a Magnesium Supplement and start a probiotic routine if you have any challenges with elimination.

    What to expect while taking FRESH START: 

    -This cleanse will flush toxins out of your body so you will have increased urination. 

    -Increased thirst due to the flush is normal

    - You are cleansing at a cellular level do not be alarmed if your urine or elimination is pungent.

    -You may experience slightly decreased appetite and increased energy 




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