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3 Day Kit includes: 

-1oz bottle of Liquid lipo 

-Measuring tape

-Exfoliating gloves


What you need:

-Plastic or cling wrap

-and compression for the targeted area (waist trainer, spanx, girddle are all examples that will work).


What is Liquid Lipo?

Liquid Lipo is a revolutionary UK product approved for worldwide distribution) fat dissolve gel is the only one of its kind in the world. It is a topical agent that works similarly to fat-dissolving injections, but unlike its more invasive counterpart Liquid Lipo has less potential for harmful side effects and works over a larger area, it is more cost-effective and has less recovery time.


How does it work?

Liquid Lipo is applied to the skin and then wrapped with plastic. It works in the same way transdermal patches allow the medication to cross the epidermis layer and be effective. Liquid Lipo is infused with high-grade essential oils that carry the fat dissolve formula into the tissues.  It then travels to and targets fat cells, reducing their size and allowing the fat within to be naturally broken down by the body into water and Carbon Dioxide. These byproducts are then safely excreted via exhalation,elimination, urination, and perspiration. It is important to drink 2 liters of water before and following treatment to flush out the fat.


Is it safe?

Yes, side effects are unlikely and minimal, it should be avoided in areas of broken skin or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It has been approved for home use by trading standards.


Does it work?

Yes, Liquid Lipo was produced by the top biochemical experts in their field, it follows 3 years of research and clinical trials involving over 3000 participants. In all cases, Liquid lipo was shown to remove fat and not water. Our studies showed that in other topical fat removal products only water and not fat were removed. Liquid Lipo is a proven and effective treatment for the removal of fat.


    • Do not use Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve Gel if you have any of the following conditions:

      Diabetes, High

      Blood Pressure,

      or Autoimmune Disease.

      Liquid Lipo 3 day Home kit 1oz (30ml)

        • Directions for Application and Use:

          For optimal results:

          • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before treatment and 72 hours after treatment. The science behind this recommendation: The liver aids in expelling the bi-product of the lipids (melted fat) however, it will process the toxins of alcohol first, slowing down results. 
          • Do drink a minimum 2 liters of water after each treatment. More is recommended if you are able. The better hydrated the body is faster it will expel lipids. It is also a good idea to begin drinking water in the days proceeding. 
          • Do not use any lotions or oils before the treatment
          • Exfoliate the treatment area before application.
          • Dry brush your body to stimulate your lymphatic system. Stimulation is important because the lymphatic system works to move the lipids to your liver and kidneys for expulsion. Breathing exercise to try
          • Pump out the Liquid lip and massage it into the target area.( Keep in mind your bottle has 3 applications try to diburse accordingly).
          • Wrap the treated area with several layers of plastic wrap (cling wrap works well). This insulates the product and ensures full absorption 
          • Next apply compression  waist trainer/ace bandages/foundation undergarment girddle are a few examples of things that work well. 
          • Remove the compression and plastic wrap after 2 hours.Use a dry towel to absorbe any mosisture. Do not wash the area for a minimum of 3 hours it is still working.              
          • Be sure to wear compression after the treatment as well. The compression aids in pushing the fat lipids toward the lymph nodes as well as holding the skin in place to help it reshape as it is empting fat content.

        Treatments must be spaced a minimum of 72 hours apart.