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Health/Weight Management Consultation

  • 30 minutes
  • Cobb Parkway Northwest

Service Description

**In-person or Video Chat** Losing weight or following a certain way of eating is so much more than knowing how to work out or what to eat or when to do either of them. Whether it be for weight loss or a new way of eating to address a healthy condition. In most instances, you are aware of what to do. However finding the motivation, being consistent, finding food you like, working through cravings, and plateaus, identifying triggers, and making different choices is often a challenge and that is what I will help you with. I offer coaching and accountability geared directly toward the working woman. I understand how crazy life can feel with so many responsibilities, and want to help you calm the chaos and help you achieve your goals. If you get the voicemail please leave a message. We don't know you called if you do not leave a message. I can help you do what you already know you should be doing through accountability, or we can develop a plan together and I will coach you through the process of change for your new lifestyle. There is no blueprint each day brings something different. The only constant is we have to be agile and adaptable. My coaching process to help you achieve your goal is as follows: 1. Review your eating plan habits/schedule 2 Review challenged/insecure areas 3. Create an eating plan and schedule (when & what are you eating) 4. Establish an accountability relationship with TCBB to make sure you are on track (agree on what technology we will use to track & stay connected) 5. Set up a weekly accountability check-in/ weigh-in schedule 6. Provide dietary supplemental support to aid the detoxification and rejuvenation process necessary to reach the set goal. The reality is all of these plans work (science-based plans). TCBB will help you identify and focus on a health plan that fits your style that you can commit to, allowing you to reach your health/transformation goal. Medical Disclaimer: A Health and Wellness coach can provide meal plans and support for the average healthy adult. Since they are not a doctor they cannot consult clients with severe illnesses or eating disorders. Be sure to consult with your physician before starting a new diet or exercise regime. **** Ask about our partner's plans and group plans. 

Cancellation Policy

Due to the travel time, product and equipment preparation, and all other advance procedures that go into preparing for our guests all cancelations or rescheduled appointments must be requested a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. All cancelations or reschedules with less than 24 hours advance notice will be considered a “no-show no-call”. Resulting in a $75 rescheduling fee. To cancel or reschedule an appointment contact TCBB. Send a message in writing via email, text, or leave a voice message. The message must include your name, telephone number, and appointment date and time, and be received 24 hours before the scheduled appointment ***************SICKNESS AND ALLERGIES*************** Upon arrival, if you are sick, show signs of being sick, or are getting over sickness or severe allergies (including but not limited to coughing, sneezing, excessive nasal or throat congestion, watery eyes, or discharge) for the safety of our guests, staff and their families you will be refused service and will incur a $75 rescheduling fee. ***************LATE ARRIVAL*************** All appointments have a scheduled start and end time. In the event of late arrival, we will do what we can with the remaining time. The accommodation will be; in the form of an abbreviated or substituted treatment. The treatment session WILL end on time. ***************MISSING INTAKE FORM***************while our treatments are non-invasive and virtually pain-free there are medications, supplements, and medical conditions that contradict the treatments which means you would not qualify as a candidate for the treatment. Thus for your protection, our system is set to auto-cancel your appointment if your intake form is not received 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Auto-cancelation are treated as no-shows and will incur a $75 rescheduling fee The listed conditions apply to all guests including those who purchase through 3rd party platforms. There are no exceptions.

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