Microcurrent Therapy (EMS) 30 min

AKA Electronic Muscle Stimulation: Supercharge your efforts; faster cell turnover/healing/growth

  • 30 minutes
  • 90 US dollars
  • Cobb Parkway Northwest

Service Description

During this treatment you will receive: 1. Application of bearer skin-protecting gel 2. Application of EMS paddles How does this differ from traditional Exercise? Electric Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, uses electrical impulses to cause muscles to contract involuntarily, which helps your muscles become stronger. The involuntary contraction is beneficial to facilitate consistent movement or simulated exercise. However, for several reasons, EMS is more impactful than regular exercise, especially for those who are weak. When the muscle contracts naturally you are only able to engage approximately 30% of your muscle fibers (that is the average for a healthy adult). The remaining muscle a whopping 70% lay dormant and awaiting recruitment when the contracting fibers fatigue. With Electrical Muscle Stimulation resting muscle fibers is stimulated at the same time for a 97-100% muscle contraction to improve strength. This is a powerful option for those who are physically challenged or are very weak and have difficulty performing any normal anti-gravity exercises. EMS removes the risk of improper form which is typically the culprit of many sports injuries. Another reason that Electrical Muscle Stimulation works is the speed of motor unit activation. The simple explanation is, it takes approximately 10,000 repetitions for your brain to learn how to quickly send a message to your muscles via the quickest nerve pathways. Muscle stimulators can potentially provide you with the repeated contractions needed to accelerate this learning process. Although EMS can prompt weight loss in the whole body, research has shown that EMS can specifically target the abdominal area (a common problem area for most people). The research found that without modifying their diet or exercise, the EMS therapy was able to help candidates lose weight from their midsections.It also promotes weight loss by building muscle, which in turn helps to boost the metabolism and burn fat. Weight loss with EMS therapy is most effective when combined with a healthy, balanced diet which promotes the calorie deficit. EMS stimulates blood flow and increases the production of collagen. These factors can give skin a smoother appearance. EMS therapy can help to tone muscles and improve body definition more effectively than conventional training methods.

Cancellation Policy

NOTE: The following conditions apply to ALL guests seeking treatments (including guests who have made purchases via third-party platforms). ***************PRODUCT RETURNS*************** Cash Refunds will not be issued for products. The full value will be returned in the form of an exchange for a product or products better suited to guests' needs. Products must be unopened in the original packaging, must have proof of purchase, and be returned within two weeks of the purchase date. ***************SERVICES*************** All TCBB services and plans are non-redeemable for cash, non-refundable, and non-transferable. Plans & packages must be used by the expiration date or they will be forfeited. If there are extenuating circumstances be sure to reach out to TCBB. ***************CANCELATION or RESCHEDULE*************** Due to the travel time, product and equipment preparation, and all other advance procedures that go into preparing for our guests all cancelations or rescheduled appointments must be requested a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. All cancelations or reschedules with less than 24 hours advance notice will be considered a “no-show no-call”. Resulting in a rescheduling fee. To cancel or reschedule an appointment contact TCBB. Send a message in writing via email, text, or leave a voice message. The message must include your name, telephone number, and appointment date and time, and be received 24 hours before the scheduled appointment *************** PRE-PAID & 3rd PARTY PURCHASES *************** Vouchers will be redeemed for no-shows and cancelations with less than 24 hours notice. No exceptions. For fair notification and high visibility, this message is listed on all of the email notifications and on the booking page. ***************SICKNESS AND ALLERGIES*************** Upon arrival, if you are sick, show signs of being sick, or are getting over sickness or severe allergies (including but not limited to coughing, sneezing, excessive nasal or throat congestion, watery eyes, or discharge) for the safety of our guests, staff and their families you will be refused service and will incur a rescheduling fee. ***************LATE ARRIVAL*************** All appointments have a scheduled start and end time. In the event of late arrival, we will do what we can with the remaining time. The accommodation will be; in the form of an abbreviated or substituted treatment. The treatment session WILL end on time. ***************MISSING INTAKE FORM***************while our treatments are non-invasive and virtually pain-free there are medications, supplements, and medical conditions that contradict the treatments which means you would not qualify as a candidate for the treatment. Thus for your protection, our system is set to auto-cancel your appointment if your intake form is not received 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Auto-cancelation are treated as no-shows and will incur a rescheduling fee. The listed conditions apply to all guests including those who purchase through 3rd party platforms. There are no exceptions. *Services are provided to women only.

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