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 Hello there I am Mrs.J. I am a certified Health & Wellness Coach and I am THE BIGGEST LOSER!!! 

I have lost 212 lbs. unassisted (non-medical/non-surgical weight loss). I proudly accept my title of BIGGEST Loser!


My long journey to getting healthy is what makes my coaching different. It me took 20+ years to get healthy. Losing 200+ lbs. and most importantly keeping it off requires self-motivation, self-control, tenacity, commitment, and determination.

There were lots of challenges and obstacles. For many years I suffered from addictions that left me broken and ashamed. I have hidden and eaten food in the closet because I did not want my roommate to know. I pretended that I was ordering food for others so that I would not be judged. I used to drink meal replacement shakes along with my double cheeseburger and extra-large loaded french fries. I have even retrieved food that I’ve tossed in the trash because I had a change of heart. And the list goes on. I am a very private person and can’t believe I am telling you all of this. But you need to know the perspective I am coming from.


I know all too well the pain, frustration, and the desire to get better but not knowing what or how to do it. When you aren't seeing the results despite your diligent efforts it can be miserable watching others achieve the goal you desperately want to achieve.


That is why my Accountability Partnership is a comprehensive program that incorporates, mindset shift, behavioral modification, nutrition, physical activity, supportive supplementation when necessary, and most importantly accountability. Combined these are the elements you need to get on track to reach your health and weight goals. Statistically, people who have a support system are more likely to stay the course and be successful. 


There is no need for shame, embarrassment, or apprehension. I will create a personalized system that works with meal plan ideas with the food you like, exercise routines that meet you where you are today, and when necessary supplementation to support your efforts.


Let me help you be your own competition at a game you are winning. Don't look to social media, celebrities, or others. You will have an eating plan and exercise regimen that will help you create and be your own body goals. 


What do you have to lose? I created mine, now let me help you create your very own amazing “before and after” for the rest of your life picture. 


I am here and look forward to talking to you. So the question is are you ready? If you are, let’s get started Book Now.

Wishing you much success on your journey. We can do this!


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